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I am a designer and illustrator living in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years I have developed a broad skill set as a graphic designer, art director, illustrator, muralist, packaging engineer, display designer, decor designer, fabricator and inventor. Although I still work in several disciplines, today my focus is on graphic design, illustration, brand identity, digital visual content, event graphics and promotional materials.

I work diligently to apply my talents, skills and experience to help my clients consistently and successfully promote their cause.

NAWJ Counterbalance Magazine, Winter 2024

Cover for Counterbalance Winter 2024 issue. Counterbalance is a biannual magazine produced for the National Association of Women Judges.

My first position in the industry was running a small art department for a non-profit organization. It wasn’t a high paying job financially, but it was very rewarding emotionally. Even though my career significantly evolved, I managed to sustain a working relationship with that organization for over 20 years. With a renewed focus on providing creative services predominantly for non-profits, in many ways my career has come 360º.  

Today, I produce editorial illustration, visual content, branded magazines, event graphics & promotional/presentation materials.  I work diligently to apply my talents, skills and experience to help my clients consistently and successfully promote their cause.

The objective of the Allied Arts of Whatcom County rebranding effort was to provide the organization visual brand assets as diverse and creative as the art they promote. A visual brand framework was developed that could easily be expanded, while maintaining a strong and consistent visual presence.

See the full case study in the Blog.

Allied Arts rebranding
EBMA 2024 Annual Conference Program

Brand Identity Development


Although “branding” might seem like something reserved for profit corporations, successful branding is as important for non-profits as it is for businesses. Your brand is how your organization is perceived in the community.  Every image, every message and every action influences that perception.  You can leave that impression to fate or you can actively direct how you’re perceived.  It’s your choice whether you build it for maximum impact.

I refer to maximizing a brand as “bolding” it. Bolding your brand ensures it will be seen, be heard and be remembered. It’s standing head and shoulders above the crowd.  It’s building your brand identity to connect with members, donors, sponsors and the community at large — impacting them visually, engaging them verbally and embracing them emotionally.  It’s driven by passion, so it's not the time for whispering — it’s time to be a bold!

Jim is terrific to work with. His event marketing campaigns are exactly what we were looking for — unique, creative and reflective of the arts programs they represent. He has helped our small nonprofit arts organization with creating an artistic and professional look for our marketing materials. He has been especially helpful in looking at the branding of the organization as a whole vs our individual programs. Determining ways to be more consistent and developing strategies that enable our volunteers to do updates while staying consistent with our new look.


Kelly Hart, Executive Director

Allied Arts of Whatcom County

Branded Magazines


Branded magazines provide useful, relevant and entertaining information to your members, sponsors and colleagues.  With flexible formats, the same content can be easily shared in print, online, and email applications. Organizations can weave their story throughout the content, in the context of their members’ and customers’ interests. Sharing stories around members and people of mutual interest makes a more intimate and meaningful connection. One that entertains, as well as informs. Providing both members and potential members a valuable read.

Event Graphics


There are many elements that make up event branding. The foundational component that ties all the pieces together is visual design. The event logo is the heart of the design process. It is the primary identifier. It visually communicates and promotes the theme of the event. It creates a consistent, cohesive and recognizable presence that permeates all aspects of the event.

The event logo along with a thematic color palette, secondary graphics, photographs and typographic elements provide the visual basis to consistently promote an event across different pla
tforms and mediums including print, social media, email marketing, video, attire, swag, etc.

An effective, well design visual presentation can immerse your guests in the theme of the event creating interest, excitement, and intrigue well before they arrive.  Once there, a multitude of visual branding options can carry the theme to the finish line.

Contact me with questions, or to discuss a project or commission.

Jim's Portrait.jpg

Jim Dixon


NAWJ Counterbalance Magazine, Summer 2023

Cover and inside spread for CounterBalance, a biannual magazine produced for the National Association of Women Judges.

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Seattle World Fair, the Emerald City Search contracted me to design and fabricate a Seattle World Fair themed presentation art piece.

Emerald City Search presentation art

Program cover for the National Association of Women Judges 44th Annual Conference held in Detroit. The theme of the event was global justice.

National Association of Women Judges conference

Poster for the Whatcom Cultural Arts Festival, an annual event produced by Allied Arts. Celebrating the regions rich and diverse cultural communities, with art, crafts, music, performances, classes, demonstrations,

and food.

National Association of Women Judges conference

Program for the Educational Book & Media Association 2024 annual conference. The program cover was illustrated to look like a vintage leather book cover. The mountain and cloud graphics appeared to be debossed into the leather. The nature-based design theme was developed to promote the event's location in the Colorado Rockies.

I have been working with Jim for several years and continuously engage him on projects for non-profit organizations with whom I work.  Each concept and design is uniquely thought through.  Jim goes above and beyond on his concepts and has great communication skills.  One thing I greatly appreciate is with print projects he understands the printing process and keeps this in mind as he designs brochures, publications, programs, and other material. We basically don’t look anywhere else for our client’s needs.

Brian Gorg, CEO

Collie Gorg Group

I have been working with Jim for four years; each product he has developed is creative and professional. He designs our semi-annual magazine and annual conference programs with a keen understanding of our audience. He creates graphics that reflect our membership and produces our products skillfully and timely. I highly recommend Jim.

Laurie Denham, CAE, MSSW

Executive Director

National Association of Women Judges

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