Mr. Misogyny-Jim Dixon Illustration

Mr. Misogyny

Depicting the continued sexual harassment of women in the workplace.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Jim Dixon Illustration

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Recent research shows the use of robots will dramatic impact the U.S. workforce.

Hope for The American Dream - Jim Dixon Illustration

The American Dream?

Young American families struggle for home ownership. It may never be more than a dream!

Spring Up! Spring Ahead! - Jim Dixon Illustration

Spring Up! Spring Ahead!

Depicting inequities in the promotion of women into positions of leadership in corporate America

Haves, Have Nots & Hope (1250x1500).jpg

Haves & Have Nots

A symbolic depiction of economic and social disparities in American society.

Place Your Ballots Here (1125x1500).jpg

Place Ballots Here

Depicting the impact of voter suppression laws, particularly on voters of color.

How Do You Like Your Earth_(1125x1500).jpg

How Do You Like Your Earth?

Representing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

Cheers to the Little Guy (1125x1500).jpg

Cheers to the Little Guy

Depicting social and economic inequity.

Plight of Refugees (1125x1125).jpg

Afghan Refugees Face Challenges in Their New Homeland

Although support for bringing Afghan allies to the U.S. has been overwhelming, how they will be perceived over time remains a question.

Democracy In Peril (1125x1500).jpg

Democracy in Question

Representing the impact authoritarian rhetoric and actions could have on a free and democratic society.

Hope or Hell 2 (1125x1500).jpg

Hope or Hell

Illustration represents the stark consequences for not converting from fossil fuels to clean energy sources.

Roof Over Your Head (1125x1500).jpg

Keeping a Roof Over Your Head

Representing the housing crisis confronting lower income families.

Reuniting America_ (1125x1500) copy.jpg

Reuniting America

Depicting the complexities of finding common ground in an environment of extreme partisanship.

Urban Gun Violence (1125x1500).jpg

Escalating Urban Gun Violence

Western Water Shortage 750x400.png

Water Management

Depleted reservoirs in U.S. western states calls attention to decades of questionable water management practices.

Immigration Court 2.png

Article 1 Immigration Court

Illustration depicting the the need to remove immigration litigation authority from the Justice Department and replace it with an independent immigration tribunal created by Congress.


CounterBalance is a biannual magazine published by the National Association of Women Judges. (I produce the magazine and do all the design, layout and illustration.)

End Urban Gun Vilolence (1125x1500).jpg

Blood in the Streets

Depicts the increase in urban gun violence plaguing American cities.

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