We refurbish, upcycle, hack, design and build new home furnishings — small furniture, accessories and wall art. All the furniture and artwork we create is designed in our studio and built in our workshop. Our experience as multi-disciplined designers has exposed us to a wide array of visual art forms and architectural design styles that significantly influence our creative sensibility. Our appreciation for both country and urban lifestyles is displayed as we juxtapose vintage and contemporary design forms. Our love of the Pacific Northwest is demonstrated in our design choices and material selection. 


In addition to building custom pieces, we also add new life to old, vintage and forgotten furniture. Some pieces just need a bit of TLC, while others require more significant repair or complete repurposing. We also combine parts and pieces to make unique one-of-a-kind creations. 


These pieces are sold locally and regionally at on this site, furniture boutiques, online at Chairish.com and Apartment Therapy Marketplace.

Pieces that can be shipped, will be marked "Shippable". 

Orders over $200 will be delivered at NO COST to local customers and customers in the greater Seattle area. 

Three Chair Settee


Made from three 1890s English chairs, with custom pattern seat.

$225 (SOLD)

Hanging Jewelry Box


Modified from 1890s English chair back. 

$85 (SOLD)

New pieces will be available for future sale.

Wall Mount Console Table


This console table is made from dresser mirror holder flipped upside down to make legs. New top with natural wood inset added. Wall mount makes for perfect hall or entry table.


Available at Current & Furbish in Old Fairhaven,

Bellingham, WA.

Chair Leg Chalkboard


Made from parts from a 1890s English chair.


Available at Current & Furbish in Old Fairhaven,

Bellingham, WA.

Wall-mounted Entry Table


Made from early 1900s dresser mirror frame parts.


Available at Current & Furbish in Old Fairhaven,

Bellingham, WA.

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